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Originally from Iuka MS (born February 14, 1965), I’ve taught chemistry at the University of Mississippi for the last 17 years. My research focuses on developing improved antitumor drugs to treat cancer.

Find out more about Randy at the Biophysical Society's profile page.

In 2015-2016, I worked as a Science & Technology Congressional Fellow in Washington, DC where I analyzed healthcare policy for Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN, Memphis). My scientific experience gave me the ability to critically analyze complex issues, a skill that is needed to get a handle on large issues such as healthcare. I learned about the complex mess that is the current US healthcare system. I saw that Washington sorely needs representatives who can tackle complex issues that affect our lives every day.

My experience working for Congressman Cohen has inspired me to run for Congress myself, to represent my home district in Mississippi.  As a son of North Mississippi, I want to be a representative who reaches out to, and listens to, his constituents, even if we might sometimes disagree. I want to write policy and laws that help improve the lives of all of us.


With your help, we can get better representation for North Mississippi. Please donate, endorse, and share

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