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A New Kind of Democrat

  • Optimist

  • Pragmatist

  • Scientist


I’m Randy Mack Wadkins and I am running for Congress in the 1st Congressional District in Mississippi. As your representative, I will make sure that your voice is heard. Mississippians deserve access to affordable health care, superior public education, and good paying 21st century jobs. I will work hard to achieve those goals.

My office will always be available to help you face the federal government when you have concerns about: Social Security and Medicare benefits; IRS problems; Veterans' Benefits, Military Service Issues, and VA home loans; Small business administration loans and services; FHA home loans; Civil rights compliance and equal opportunity commission (EEOC) issues; workers' compensation claims; civil service pension and benefits; railroad retirement benefits; and visas and passports.  We are your representative to the federal government. That's part of our job.

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